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The Grump that stole valentine's day

Ok I know I've have not posted in a while but that's because I've been kinda down, So to make it up to you I've decide to make a really cool Friday Night Post Fest! This week is "The Grump that stole valentine's day" I'll try to rhyme but if I can't freestyle, I can't rhyme!!
Okey here goes:
In room 49 at the corner of Post and Hyde
lived an English man whos rhymes lied.
He lived alone with his friend Tibo, who he stole from the electric shop
Anthony really hates rhyming so hes just going to say crooked cop
He was really mean and had no fear
But he feared one day, Valentine's day, which was near

He didn't know what to do, so he had a quick lay
then he jumped up and said "I'll steel Valentine's day!!"

So he ran to Tibo and told him to put on his left shoe!
"because we'll going to stele Valentine's day, yes that's what we'll do!"

So they both left during the night
ok I know its day time, give me a break all right!

They took all the gifts with out making a noise
and returned with all the crappy valentine toys

"finally Valentine's day is dead!!"
But then the grump heard something that would conflict with what he just said

he heard people singing, hugging and kissing
and he was stocked because he thought he killed valentine's day, urrr hissing

"How can this Be!!"
"I took everything! I even took their valentine sex tea!!"
The the grump realizes that valentine's day was not about valentine's gifts
Its about kissing and all the St. valentine the myths
At this time the grumps heart grew 3 times bigger then last
And he never had this feeling like this in the past.

it was LOVE even though he still didn't have a girlfriend
So he took all the gifts he stole and gave them to Tibo to send.
And every one loved the grump from then on! But they only wanted to be friends
The End
Ps I cant rhyme will and this is why I can't freestyle
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